000034465 - Deisgn Advisory for 2022.2 (and earlier) Vivado: Versal incorrect timing parameter for LVCMOS and LVDCI when CCIO is driving BUFGCE and IBUFDS_DISABLE IBUFDISABLE to O

Release Date
1.0 English

To work around the issue, a patch is required. A patch for the use case of using a CCIO with the LVCMOS or LVDCI driving a BUFGCE for the Vivado 2021.1 release is attached to

Contact Technical support if the patch is required for a different Vivado release. 

The IBUFDS_IBUFDISABLE path from IBUFDISABLE to O is a combinatorial path. If the path is covered by a timing analysis (Intra or Inter Clock path analysis) the timing will be incorrect. 

There is no patch available for this issue. Contact Technical support if the there is a requirement to time with the path for a differential standard.