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Peak Cancellation Crest Factor Reduction LogiCORE IP Product Brief (PB008)

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7.1 English

Support for dynamic computation of cancellation pulse (CP).

Meets performance requirements (EVM, PAPR, and ACLR) of all air interfaces.

A maximum of five different RATs are supported. The total number of carriers using all RATs is 30. LTE 5 MHz and LTE 10 MHz are considered as different RATs because the corresponding base pulses are different.

Support for data-path delay matched TUSER forwarding feature.

Support for cancellation pulse read back in static mode and base pulse read back in dynamic mode.

Support for read back of CFR configuration and statistics registers.

IMPORTANT:   Core's control interface address format is modified to support 8 MB of space. When upgrading from older core versions, you should adopt the new control interface address map mentioned in PC-CFR LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG097) (registration required).