Video clock calculation example - 5.4 English

MIPI CSI-2 Receiver Subsystem LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG232)

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5.4 English

For a MIPI interface with 600 Mbps per lane, 4 lanes, single pixel mode design, processing YUV420 8-bit data, the minimum required video clock is (600*4)/(1*8) or higher, where 8 is the number of bits in one 8-bit YUV420 pixel.

video_aclk1(Mhz) = 600*4/(4*8) = 75Mhz video_aclk2(Mhz) = 600*4/(1*8) = 300Mhz

The final video clock is:

video_aclk(Mhz) = max{75Mhz,300Mhz} = 300Mhz

  • Due to the internal data path architecture of the pixel processing the minimum supported data type for line rates greater than 1500 Mbps is RAW8. RAW6 and RAW7 data types are not supported for line rates greater than 1500 Mbps.