VEK280 Application Example Design Overview - 5.4 English

MIPI CSI-2 Receiver Subsystem LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG232)

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5.4 English

The Application Example Design demonstrates the use of the MIPI CSI-2 RX Subsystem on a VEK280 board. On the capture path, the system receives images captured by an IMX274 image sensor. Processed images are displayed on the HDMI monitor. The MIPI CSI-2 RX Subsystem decodes, processes video data, and converts to AXI4-Stream data with four pixels data per clock. The RAW video data is then converted into RGB data using the Demosaic IP, V_Gamma_Lut and V_Proc_SS CSC IPs, four pixels at a time and sent to the HDMI Video Out.

Note: Ensure that you have selected the Versal VEK280(REV-A) board in the project setup in the Vivado Design Suite. To do this, when you get to the Default Part screen, select the Boards tab, and select Install/Update Boards. This takes you to the Xhub Stores, where you can right click on the VEK280(REV-A) board and select Install. This installs the VEK280(REV-A) board support files.