D-PHY Latency - 5.4 English

MIPI CSI-2 Receiver Subsystem LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG232)

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5.4 English

The MIPI D-PHY RX core latency is the time from the start-of-transmission (SoT) pattern on the serial lines to the active hs signal assertion on the PPI. The HS_SETTLE period contributes significantly in the D-PHY latency calculation.

The following table provides the latency numbers for various core configurations.

Table 1. D-PHY Latency
Data Type Pixel Mode Line Rate

Latency in rxbyteclk

(HS_SETTLE + Internal latency)

RAW20 Single 1000 26(23+3)
RAW8 Single 1000 26(23+3)
RAW8 Dual 1000 26(23+3)
RAW8 Quad 1000 26(23+3)
RAW10 Single 1000 26(23+3)
RAW10 Dual 1200 30(26+4)
RAW10 Quad 800 22(20+2)
YUV 422-8Bit Quad 2000 44
  1. All the calculations are made for a single lane design with a fixed video clock of 148 MHz.