Load DDR Presets - 3.4 English

Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC Processing System Product Guide (PG201)

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3.4 English

This option loads factory provided presets. Currently Xilinx provides three presets.

DDR4_KINGSTON_KVR21SE15S8: This configuration is for KINGSTON DDR4 part KVR21SE15S8/4.

DDR4_MICRON_MT40A256M16GE_083E: This configuration is for MICRON DDR4 part MT40A256M16GE 083E.

DDR4_SAMSUNG_K4A8G165WB_BCRC: This configuration is for SAMSUNG DDR4 part K4A8G165WB BCRC.

When these presets are loaded, all the DDR4 configurations will be loaded automatically. Check the requested Memory Interface Device frequency and Actual frequency. Both should be the same or nearly the same.

When the DDR4 Presets are loaded, then the clocking solution is biased towards achieving DDR frequency, and it displays the following notification:

For this DDR Preset to be applied successfully, we may need to adjust other settings in the PS IP(e.g clocks, etc). This means a limited amount of your settings will be modified if you press Yes . If you prefer reverting to your existing settings before applying this preset, click No .

If you click Yes , then the clocking solution will be adjusted to use DPLL for DDR. DPLL will then be given high priority/biased to achieve the requested frequency.