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Control Interfaces and Processing System LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG352)

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3.3 English

The System Monitor (SYSMON) enables monitoring of the physical environment both within the AMD Versalâ„¢ device itself and also within the wider system using the external inputs. It is used to ensure that both the Versal device and the overall system operate in a safe, secure, and reliable way. The SYSMON provides the customer with a digital measure of the temperature and applied voltage supplies as well as off-chip voltage measurements within the broader system context. Off-chip, its main uses are for board level monitoring of supply voltages/currents.

The Control, Interfaces and Processing System IP core can enable the following measurements:

  • On-chip Supply Monitor
  • Temperature Measurements
  • External Supply Measurements

The Basic Configuration tab has Default and Custom options, as shown in the following figure.

Figure 1. SYSMON Basic Configuration

The default window has different preset options to provide a common starting point for typical SYSMON usage. Each measurement has associated threshold levels which control alarm assertion. The alarms are enabled by default. For external access to SYSMON measurements, I2C, and PMBus interfaces are supported.

Note: To ensure that the SYSMON alarms are not erroneously triggered, inspect the preset alarm values to ensure the currently selected values meet the desired use-case.

The default window also provides the option for setting the voltage averaging levels of 2, 4, 8, and 16. The MIO pin allocation can be modified through the IO panel. Any MIO conflict is highlighted with icon.

On-Chip Supply Monitor

The On-chip supply monitor tab supports different types of voltage measurements including customer supply voltages and customer dedicated pad voltages.

The On Chip Supply Monitor configuration is shown in the following figure.

Note: In 2023.1, the Threshold Lower and Threshold Higher values should not exceed 6 decimal points of precision.
Figure 2. On Chip Supply Monitor

The CIPS IP core allows you to enable averaging, define the ADC Mode (unipolar/bipolar), and enable alarms with user-defined upper and lower thresholds.

Temperature Measurements

The temperature configuration tab configures device temperature monitoring options, including over-temperature shutdown. Alarms are all specified in window mode, where the alarm is asserted above the upper threshold or blow the lower threshold. You can enable or disable the over temperature check and configure the lower and upper temperature value based on the design requirements.

Figure 3. Temperature Configuration

External Supply Measurements

The Control, Interfaces and Processing System IP core allows up to 16 pins to be selected for external supply measurements. All AUXIOs should be assigned to the same bank.

For example, if AUX_IO_P is LPD Bank MIO0 (VCCO_502 rail), then AUX_IO_N should be assigned from LPD MIO Bank MIO (VCCO_502 rail).

The AUXIOs supports PMC MIOs, LPD MIOs, and HDIOs. But PMC and LPD MIOs can have conflict based on PS-PMC IO Configuration page. To resolve the conflict, use other free available IOs.

The External Supply monitor configuration tab is shown in the following figure:

Figure 4. SYSMON External Supply Monitor