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Control Interfaces and Processing System LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG352)

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3.3 English

The I/O Configuration page reflects the peripherals and their I/O connectivity. You can assign attributes for the signals. The I/O peripherals are categorized into two domains PMC and PS. There are total 78 MIOs, 52 in PMC region (PMC MIO Bank0 and PMC MIO Bank1) and 26 in PS region (LPD MIO Bank). Each IO can be assigned to any peripheral based on rules.

Alternatively, the same pins from each peripheral can be routed to EMIO signals which brings the signal to PL section of the device for further processing. For more information on the MIO and EMIO, refer to the Multiplexed I/O in the Versal Adaptive SoC Technical Reference Manual (AM011). MIOs available for peripheral pinouts are divided into three Banks: PMC MIO Bank0 (MIO 0-25), PMC MIO Bank1 (MIO 26-51), and LPD MIO Bank (MIO 52-77). Each bank has a common I/O Voltage Standard for all its MIOs and the default value for this is LVCMOS1.8 and there are two more options of LVCMOS2.5 and LVCMOS3.3 I/O voltage standard.

You can select the peripherals, GPIOs, and tamper signals in core to make use of the MIOs. DRC messages will be shown to alert if any MIO conflict occurs between multiple peripherals. Each peripheral has different set of supported MIO where you can play between these to avoid the DRC of MIO conflict between peripherals. Also, you have EMIO option for each peripheral, this option also can be selected to resolve MIO conflicts.

Upon enabling the peripheral in I/O configuration page, you will able set the respective peripheral frequency in Clock Configuration.

For each MIO, there are set of pin pad attributes where user can set these attributes in the core by clicking on respective MIO.

MIO pin pad attribute Drive Strength in mA, used to select the drive strength. Possible values are 2, 4, 8, and 12.
MIO pin pad attribute Speed, specifies whether the device is fast or slow depending on the slew rate.
MIO pin pad attribute Pull Type, used to enable/disable a device along with pull-up or pull-down.
MIO pin pad attribute I/O type, select CMOS or Schmitt as the input I/O voltage type.
MIO pin pad attribute Direction, the direction can be fixed for certain signals.

The following diagram shows the PS/PMC MIO banks and MIO pad attributes settings.

Figure 1. I/O Configuration