Choosing a Design Flow - 3.3 English

Control Interfaces and Processing System LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG352)

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3.3 English

CIPS is a very flexible and can be configured in several different ways. CIPS IP enables configuration of many operating parameters. There are two Design Flows available for configuring these parameters. The two flows, based on the archetype of the two traditional user persona, guide the user as per the predetermined presets. These two flows do not alter the expert users complete freedom in the configuration order and options. They are in fact an addition to help and guide you.

Table 1. CIPS Design Flows
Design Flow Description
PL Subsystem
This flow configures only the vital components to use the programmable logic (PL) domain of the Versal device. When this flow is selected, only the Platform Management Controller (PMC) is configured as it is necessary for initialization of the Versal device.
Note: All other device domains (For example, PS or CPM) are disabled in this flow.

For example, if the design targets the programmable logic exclusively and does not use any other domain, select this flow.

Full System This flow configures all domains on the Versal device. All available domains on the device will be shown and available for configuration.