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Control Interfaces and Processing System LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG352)

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3.3 English

When you create a AMD Vivado™ project targeting a board instead of a specific device, a board preset may be available to initialize the CIPS IP core with board-specific settings.

After instantiating the CIPS IP in the block design, a green banner will appear indicating that designer assistance is available. To access board automation, click Run Block Automation on this banner.

To set the board preset, set Apply Board Preset to Yes in the Run Block Automation window.

Important: If Apply Board Preset is set to No and block automation is run, then the board preset is not be applied. Ensure to manually enable peripherals on the peripherals and I/O Configuration pages.
Tip: For ensuring flexibility, Vivado IP integrator provides a board tab available in the Data Windows Area, where the various board presets are also available and can be dragged and dropped on the canvas.
Figure 1. Applying the Board Automation Using Block Automation
Important: Using the Board window in IP integrator to drag the External Memory DDR4 or LPDDR4 interfaces onto the block design canvas does not applies the board preset and the connections to the memory controllers in the NoC are not external. Execute the following procedure to apply board automation to DDR4 or LPDDR4:
  1. Open CIPS Block Automation window.
  2. Select the desired Memory Controller type and click OK.
  3. Verify that the selected memory controller is added to the block design canvas and the board preset is applied.