Clocking - 3.1 English

Control Interfaces and Processing System LogiCORE IP Product Guide

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3.1 English

There are three clock groups as follows.

  • Main Clock Group (MCG). This group has the following PLLs:
    • RPU PLL
    • APU PLL
    • PMC PLL
    • NoC PLL
    • CPM4/5 PLL
  • RTC Clock Group (RCG). This is a real-time clock, and a dedicated internal clock for RTC. A clock divider is not required for this clock.
  • Interface Clock Group (ICG). This group has clocks that are provided externally, like the clocks from the physical-side interface (PHY) and PL.
Note: PL side peripherals can be operated through a PL clock (PL_REF_CLK).