Step 2: Navigating Intelligent Design Runs - 2023.2 English

Vivado Design Suite Tutorial: Design Analysis and Closure Techniques (UG938)

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2023.2 English
In this step, you learn how to control intelligent design runs and navigate options and reports.
  1. Select the Intelligent Design Runs tab at the bottom of the AMD Vivado™ IDE.

    This window is opened when an IDR is created. If closed, it can be reopened by selecting Window > Intelligent Design Runs. From this window you can see that there is a hierarchical nature to Intelligent Design Runs. The top-level run is split into three stages:

    • Stage 1: Design Optimization
    • Stage 2: Tool Option Exploration
    • Stage 3: Last Mile Timing Closure
    In this lab, only stage 1 is demonstrated. This is the most complex stage, but can be completed quickly because you are working with a simple design.
  2. Expand Stage 2: Tool Option Exploration.

    There are three runs underneath this stage. These runs can be run in parallel if your compute resources allow.
  3. Right-click i_impl_1_1 > Launch Runs and select how you normally run jobs. Click OK.

  4. Select impl_1_1 and view the Properties in the Implementation Run Properties window. A PARENT property is set to synth_1. As is the case with a normal implementation run, there is a dependency on the synthesis run to complete when this is set. If the RTL code is modified, the run goes out of date.
  5. Click the Design Runs tab and confirm that the synth_1 run is running or finished.
  6. Click back to Intelligent Design Runs and right-click on the impl_1_1 top-level run.

    The right-click menu from the top-level run is the main way to control the Intelligent Design Runs. Some options only become available at specific times:

    • Reset Runs is only available after a run is launched.
    • View Reports is only available after reports are generated.
    • Open Run is only available after a run is successfully completed.
    • Generate Single Pass Run is only available after a run is successfully completed.
  7. Select the lower-level run, i_impl_1_1_rqs, and right-click on it.

    When the lower-level run is selected, you can see that there is a reduced set of options. The Open Run Directory and Open Run options are scoped to the lower-level run. If Open Run is selected, the best completed routed run is opened.