Step 12: Using Waiver Commands - 2023.2 English

Vivado Design Suite Tutorial: Design Analysis and Closure Techniques (UG938)

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2023.2 English
In this step, you run additional commands related to the waivers.
  1. To return a collection of CDC waiver objects, enter:
    get_waivers -type cdc

    The following CDC waivers are returned:

    CDC-10#1 CDC-11#1 CDC-11#2 CDC-14#1
  2. To filter the list of waivers to only return CDC-14 waivers, enter:
    get_waivers -filter {ID == CDC-14}
  3. To report all of the properties on a CDC waiver object, enter:
    report_property [lindex [get_waivers -type cdc] end]

    The following properties are returned:

    Property       Type    Read-only  Value
    CLASS          string  true       cdc_waiver
    DESCRIPTION    string  false      No more CDC-14!
    ID             string  true       CDC-14
    INDEX          string  true       1
    IS_SCOPED      bool    true       0
    NAME           string  true       CDC-14#1
    OBJECT_COUNTS  string  true       pins:2
    SCOPE          string  true       
    TAGS           string  false 
    TIME           string  true       <timestamp> 
    TYPE           string  true       CDC
    USED_CNT       string  true       10
    USER           string  true       AMD
    Note: You cannot retrieve the design objects attached to a waiver object.
  4. To delete all of the previously created CDC-14 waivers, enter:
    delete_waivers [get_waivers -filter {ID == CDC-14}]
    Note: After a waiver object is deleted, the waiver no longer applies and the violations that it waived are reported again.
  5. To delete all of the remaining CDC waivers, enter:
    delete_waivers [get_waivers -type cdc]