Known Issues - 2023.2 English

Vivado Design Suite Tutorial: Programming and Debugging (UG936)

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2023.2 English
  1. By default, FSBL does not enumerate USB as that is something Linux drivers would do. To put USB in link state without Linux, a small modification is required in the FSBL C-code. This modification still does not enumerate the device, it only brings the USB into link state.
  2. The EyeScan does not have a built-in time-out mechanism. If your link is poor (for example, if L*_TM_DIG_8.EYESURF_ENABLE != 1), the EyeScan hangs without providing a user. No results are returned in this case.
  3. If the EyeScan progress is not moving, ensure the following parameters for all lanes are set for EyeScan to function correctly.
    Note: * represents the lane number (as in, for Lane 0, the parameter would be L0).

    Click on the lane in the hardware tree and click on the properties tab. There is a search button you can use to find the following properties.

    1. L*_TM_MISC3.CDR_EN_FPL = 0
    2. L*_TM_MISC3.CDR_EN_FFL = 0

      Also check the values of the following parameters, which ensures the Eye Scan circuit is operational.

    4. L*_PLL_LOCK = 1
    5. L*_TM_SAMP_STATUS4.E_SAMP_PH0_CALIB_CODE is non-zero value
    6. L*_TM_SAMP_STATUS5.E_SAMP_PH180_CALIB_CODE is non-zero value