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Vivado Design Suite Properties Reference Guide (UG912)

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2023.2 English

The USED_IN property is assigned to design files (.v, .vhd, .xdc, .tcl) in the Vivado Design Suite to indicate what stage in the FPGA design flow the files are used.

For example, you could use the USED_IN property to specify an XDC file for use by the Vivado synthesis tool, but not for use in implementation. You could also specify HDL source files (.v or .vhd) as USED_IN simulation, but not for use in synthesis.

Tip: The USED_IN_SYNTHESIS, USED_IN_SIMULATION, and USED_IN_IMPLEMENTATION properties are related to the USED_IN property, and are automatically converted by the tool to USED_IN ({synthesis, simulation, implementation} as appropriate.

You can also use the more granular values to specify an unmanaged Tcl file to be USED_IN opt_design or place_design, rather than simply used in implementation.

Architecture Support
All architectures..
Applicable Objects
  • synthesis
  • synthesis_post
  • implementation
  • simulation
  • out_of_context
  • opt_design
  • opt_design_post
  • power_opt_design
  • power_opt_design_post
  • place_design
  • place_design_post
  • phys_opt_design
  • phys_opt_design_post
  • route_design
  • route_design_post
  • write_bitstream
  • write_bitstream_post
  • synth_blackbox_stub
  • testbench
  • board
  • single_language
  • power_data


Verilog Syntax

Not applicable

VHDL Syntax

Not applicable

XDC Syntax
set_property USED_IN {<value>} [get_files <files>]


  • <value> specifies one or more of the valid USED_IN values.
  • <files> is the name or names of the files to set the USED_IN property.

XDC Syntax Example

# Designates the specified files as used in simulation 
set_property USED_IN {synthesis simulation} [get_files *.vhdl]

Affected Steps

  • Synthesis
  • Simulation
  • Implementation
  • Bitstream generation