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Vivado Design Suite Properties Reference Guide (UG912)

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2023.2 English

ROUTE_STATUS is a read-only property that is assigned to nets by the Vivado router to reflect the current state of the routing on the net.

The property can be queried by the individual net, or group of nets, using the get_property or report_property commands. The property is used by the report_route_status command to return the ROUTE_STATUS of the whole design.

Architecture Support
All architectures.
Applicable Objects
Nets (get_nets)
  • ROUTED: The net is fully placed and routed.
  • PARTIAL: All pins and/or ports for the net are placed and some of the net is routed, but portions of the net are unrouted and route_design should be run.
  • UNPLACED: The route has some unplaced pins or ports, and place_design should be run to complete the placement.
  • UNROUTED: All pins and/or ports for the net are placed, but no route data exists on the net, and route_design should be run to complete the route.
  • INTRASITE: The entire route is completed within the same Site on the target device, and no routing resources were required to complete the connection. This is not an error.
  • NOLOADS: The route either has no logical loads, or has no routable load pins, and so needs no routing. This is not an error.
  • NODRIVER: The route either has no logical driver, or has no routable driver, and so needs no routing. This is a design error.
  • HIERPORT: The route is connected to a top-level hierarchical port that either has no routable loads or no routable drivers. This is not an error.
  • ANTENNAS: The route has at least one antenna (a branch leaf that connects to a site pin, but that site pin does not show that it is connected to this logical net) or the route has at least one island (a section of routing that is not connected to any of the site pins associated with the logical net). This is a routing error.
  • CONFLICTS: The router has one or more of the following routing errors:
    • Routing conflict: One or more of the nodes in this route are also used in some other route, or another branch of this route.
    • Site pin conflict: The logical net that is connected to the given site pin from inside the site is different from the logical net that is connected via the route to the outside of the site.
    • Invalid site conflict: The route connects to a site pin on a site where the programming of the site is in an invalid state, making it impossible to determine if the route is connected correctly within the site.
  • ERROR: There was an internal error in determining the route status.
  • NONET: The net object specified for route status does not exist, or could not be found as entered.
  • NOROUTE: No routing object could be retrieved for the specified net due to an error.
  • NOROUTESTORAGE: No route storage object is available for this device due to an error.
  • UNKNOWN: The state of the route can not be calculated due to an error.


The ROUTE_STATUS property is an enumerated property with one of the preceding property values. It is a read-only property assigned by the Vivado router and cannot be directly modified.

Affected Steps

  • Route Design