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Vivado Design Suite Properties Reference Guide (UG912)

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2023.2 English


A PIP is a device object used for routing connections, or NETs, on the AMD part. A PIP, also called an ARC, is a connection multiplexer that can be programmed to connect one WIRE to another, thus connecting NODEs together to form the routing required for a specific NET in the design.

A SITE_PIP, also known as a routing BEL, is a connection multiplexer inside a SITE that can connect BEL_PINs to other BEL_PINs, or to SITE_PINs within the SITE.

Related Objects

Figure 1. PIP Objects

As seen in the figure above, PIP objects are related to SLRs, TILEs, NODEs, NETs, and WIREs. You can query the PIPs using a form of the following Tcl command:

get_pips -of [get_nodes INT_R_X7Y47/NW6BEG1]

You can also query the SLRs, and TILEs that PIPs are located in; or the NODEs, SPEED_MODELs, or WIREs associated with specific PIPs:

get_nodes -of_objects [get_pips INT_R_X7Y47/INT_R.BYP_ALT0->>BYP_BOUNCE0]

SITE_PIPs are associated with SITEs:

get_site_pips -of [get_sites SLICE_X8Y79]

PIP Properties

The properties on a PIP object can be reported with a command such as the following:

report_property -all [lindex [get_pips -of [get_tiles INT_R_X7Y47]] 0]
Tip: Due to the number of PIPs on a device, using the get_pips Tcl command without -of_objects or -filters to narrow the results is not recommended.

The properties include the following, with example values:

Property	Type	Read-only	Visible	Value
CAN_INVERT	bool	true	true	0
CLASS	string	true	true	pip
IS_BUFFERED_2_0	bool	true	true	0
IS_BUFFERED_2_1	bool	true	true	1
IS_DIRECTIONAL	bool	true	true	1
IS_EXCLUDED_PIP	bool	true	true	0
IS_FIXED_INVERSION	bool	true	true	0
IS_INVERTED	bool	true	true	0
IS_PSEUDO	bool	true	true	0
IS_SITE_PIP	bool	true	true	0
IS_TEST_PIP	bool	true	true	0
NAME	string true	true	INT_R_X7Y47/INT_R.BYP_ALT0->>BYP_BOUNCE0
SPEED_INDEX	int	true		true	2336
TILE	string	true		true	INT_R_X7Y47
VORPAL_ID	int	true		false

SITE_PIP Properties

The properties of the SITE_PIP can be reported with the following command:

get_site_pips -of [get_sites SLICE_X8Y79]

The properties on the SITE_PIP include the following, with example values:

Property	Type	Read-only	Visible	Value
CLASS	string	true	true	site_pip
FROM_PIN	string	true	true	A1
IS_FIXED	bool	true	true	0
IS_USED	bool	true	true	0
NAME	string	true	true	SLICE_X8Y79/D6LUT:A1
SITE	string	true	true	SLICE_X8Y79
TO_PIN	string	true	true	O6