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Vivado Design Suite Properties Reference Guide (UG912)

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2023.2 English

When physical optimization is skipped on a candidate primitive cell, the PHYS_OPT_MODIFIED property of the cell is updated to reflect the skipped optimizations. When multiple optimizations are skipped on the same cell, the OPT_SKIPPED value contains a list of skipped optimizations.

Architecture Support
All architectures
Applicable Objects
The PHYS_OPT_SKIPPED attribute is placed on the cells.


The following table lists the OPT_SKIPPED property value for the various opt_design options:

Table 1. PHYS_OPT_SKIPPED Property Value
phys_opt_design Option PHYS_OPT_SKIPPED Value
-fanout_opt FANOUT_OPT
-placement_opt PLACEMENT_OPT
-slr_crossing_opt SLR_CROSSING_OPT
-rewire REWIRE
-insert_negative_edge_ffs INSERT_NEGEDGE
-critical_cell_opt CRITICAL_CELL_OPT
-dsp_register_opt DSP_REGISTER_OPT
-bram_register_opt BRAM_REGISTER_OPT
-uram_register_opt URAM_REGISTER_OPT
-shift_register_opt SHIFT_REGISTER_OPT
-force_replication_on_nets FORCE_REPLICATION_ON_NETS
-clock_opt CLOCK_OPT


This is a read-only property.

get_property PHYS_OPT_SKIPPED [get_cells cell_name]

Affected Steps

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