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Vivado Design Suite Properties Reference Guide (UG912)

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2023.2 English


A hardware bitstream object hw_bitstream, that is created from a bitstream file, to associate with a hardware device object, hw_device, in the Hardware Manager feature of the Vivado Design Suite.

The bitstream file is created from a placed and routed design with the write_bitstream command. The hardware bitstream object is created manually from a bitstream file with the create_hw_bitstream command, or automatically created when the hardware device is programmed with the program_hw_device command.

The hw_bitstream object is associated with the specified hw_device through the PROGRAM.HW_BITSTREAM property on the device. This property is automatically set by the create_hw_bitstream command. The PROGRAM.FILE property includes the file path of the specified bitstream file.

Related Objects

Figure 1. Hardware Bitstream Objects

The hw_bitstream object is associated with a hardware_device, through the PROGRAM.BITSTREAM property. You can query the hw_bitstream object using the get_property command to return the object in the property as follows:

get_property PROGRAM.HW_BITSTREAM [current_hw_device]


You can use the report_property command to report the properties assigned to a hardware bitstream object. Refer to the Vivado Design Suite Tcl Command Reference Guide (UG835) for more information. The specific properties of the hw_bitsream object include the following, with example values:

Property	Type	Read-only	Visible	Value
CLASS	string	true	true	hw_bitstream
DESIGN	string	true	true	ks_counter2
DEVICE	string	true	true	xc7k325t
NAME	string	true	true	
PART	string	true	true	xc7k325tffg900-3
SIZE	string	true	true	11443612
USERCODE	string	true	true	0XFFFFFFFF

To report the properties for a hw_bitstream object, you can use the get_property command to return the object defined in the PROGRAM.HW_BITSTREAM property on a hw_device in the Vivado logic analyzer. You can copy and paste the following command into the Vivado Design Suite Tcl shell or Tcl Console:

report_property -all [get_property PROGRAM.HW_BITSTREAM [current_hw_device]]