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Vivado Design Suite Properties Reference Guide (UG912)

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2023.2 English


A BEL_PIN is a pin or connection point on a BEL object.

The BEL_PIN is a device object, associated with netlist objects such as the PIN on a logic CELL, which is the connection point for the NET.

Related Objects

Figure 1. BEL_PIN Objects

As seen in the figure above, BEL_PIN objects are related to BEL and SITE device resources, and PIN and NET netlist objects. You can query the BEL_PINs of BELs, SITEs, PINs, or NETs by using a form of the following Tcl command:

get_bel_pins -of_objects [get_pins usbEngine0/usbEngineSRAM/Ram_reg_9/CLKARDCLK]

You can also query the SLRs, and TILEs that BEL_PINs are located in, or NODEs associated with the BEL_PIN:

get_slr -of_objects [get_bel_pins SLICE_X8Y176/D5LUT/WA5]


The properties on a BEL_PIN object include the following, with example values:

Property	Type	Read-only	Visible	Value
CLASS	string	true	true	bel_pin
DIRECTION	enum	true	true	IN
INDEX	int	true	true	1
INDEX_IN_BEL	int	true	true	1
INDEX_IN_BUS	int	true	true	1023
INDEX_IN_ELEMENT	int	true	true	1
INDEX_IN_TILE	int	true	true	65535
IS_BAD	bool	true	true	0
IS_BIDIR	bool	true	true	0
IS_CLOCK	bool	true	true	0
IS_DATA	bool	true	true	0
IS_ENABLE	bool	true	true	1
IS_INPUT	bool	true	true	1
IS_OUTPUT	bool	true	true	0
IS_PART_OF_BUS	bool	true	true	0
IS_RESET	bool	true	true	0
IS_SET	bool	true	true	0
IS_TEST	bool	true	true	0
IS_USED	bool	true	true	0
NAME	string	true	true	IOB_X0Y197/OUTBUF/TRI
SITE_ID	int	true	true	188
SPEED_INDEX	int	true	true	0

To report the properties for all the BEL_PINs on a specific BEL object, you can use the following FOREACH loop in the Vivado Design Suite Tcl shell or Tcl Console:

foreach x [get_bel_pins -of [get_bels <bel_name>]] { 
puts "****************** $x *****************" 
report_property -all $x

Where <bel_name> is the name of the BEL object to report.