Vivado Design Suite Properties Reference Guide (UG912)

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2023.2 English

The AUTO_INCREMENTAL_CHECKPOINT property is a boolean property that enables or disables the automatic incremental implementation flow, to reuse the placement and routing from an earlier iteration of the current design. This property works with the INCREMENTAL_CHECKPOINT property to manage incremental implementation in the Vivado tools. Refer to this link in the Vivado Design Suite User Guide: Implementation (UG904) for more information.

Tip: The AUTO_INCREMENTAL_CHECKPOINT property is only supported in the Vivado tools project-mode. To reuse prior placement and routing results in non-project mode use the read_checkpoint -incremental command.

The incremental implementation flow can be configured in one of three ways:

  • Automatic reuse of the prior placement and routing of the current design. Enable the AUTO_INCREMENTAL_CHECKPOINT property.
  • Manual reuse of the placement and routing data from a prior implementation of a specified design checkpoint. Disable the AUTO_INCREMENTAL_CHECKPOINT property, and specify the INCREMENTAL_CHECKPOINT property.
  • Disabled so there is no incremental implementation. Disable the AUTO_INCREMENTAL_CHECKPOINT property, and do not specify the INCREMENTAL_CHECKPOINT property.

Architecture Support

All architectures.

Applicable Objects

Vivado implementation run objects (get_runs)


Enables the automatic incremental implementation design flow. This lets the Vivado placement and routing tools reuse the placement and routing from prior implementations of the current design, to speed processing of the design.
Disables the automatic incremental implementation design flow. This is the default setting.


Verilog and VHDL Syntax

Not applicable.

XDC Syntax
set_property AUTO_INCREMENTAL_CHECKPOINT 1 [get_runs <impl_run> \

Where <impl_run> is the name of an implementation run in the current design or project.

Tip: You can use the -filter {IS_IMPLEMENTATION} option for the get_runs command to get just implementation runs.

XDC Syntax Example:

set_property AUTO_INCREMENTAL_CHECKPOINT 1 [get_runs * -filter {IS_IMPLEMENTATION}]

Affected Steps

  • Implementation