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Vivado Design Suite User Guide: Dynamic Function eXchange (UG909)

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2023.2 English

One way BDCs are introduced is by converting a level of hierarchy. To create a level of hierarchy in an existing BD, select one or more elements (using ctrl-click), then right-click to select Create Hierarchy. Provide a unique appropriate name to the hierarchy. The name becomes the Reconfigurable Partition name. Once this Hierarchy is turned into a DFX BDC, you can undo this action by right-clicking and selecting Ungroup Hierarchy. IP instances can be moved in or out of the hierarchy by dragging them in or out of the hierarchy region on the canvas.

Ensure to validate the BD once the level of hierarchy is created by selecting Tools > Validate Design. Alternatively, you can click the Validate icon on the block design toolbar, or use the F6 function key.
Note: Any validation errors must be resolved before continuing.

To create the BDC, right-click on the hierarchical instance and select Create Block Design Container. The resulting dialog requests a name for the resulting block design. Provide a name appropriate for a RM, as the logical elements within this level of hierarchy becomes the first RM.

Figure 1. Create a Block Design Container From a Level of Hierarchy