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Vivado Design Suite User Guide: Dynamic Function eXchange (UG909)

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2023.2 English

The following table shows the revision history for this document.

Section Revision Summary
11/15/2023 Version 2023.2
Defining Netlist Sources Added new section.
Updating Block Design Container Options Added new section.
Using Address Apertures Added information on manual apertures.
Using Export Hardware Added XSA types, DFX-specific switches, and PFM attributes for extensible platforms.
Floorplanning for Versal Devices Added information on the get_dfx_footprint -pu command.
Floorplanning with SNAPPING_MODE Added new section.
Floorplanning Visualization Added information on the get_dfx_footprint command.
Network on Chip Revised section.
Static Routing Across SLR Boundaries Added information on the SLL capacities table.
Create Disjoint Pblocks for a Reconfigurable Partition Added section.
Secure Boot Modes Added section.
Tandem Configuration and PCIe Added section.
Supported Devices Added and updated devices.
Floorplanning DRC Examples Removed section.
05/24/2023 Version 2023.1
Adding Reconfigurable Modules with Sub-Module Netlists Updated link_design command.
Incremental Compile Updated capabilities and limitations.
Nested DFX Design Considerations Added information on limitations.
Abstract Shell for Dynamic Function eXchange Added information on limitations.
Scoping Constraints to the Module Reference Block in the IP Integrator Added section.
Using Export Hardware Added information on hardware handoff.
Abstract Shell Creation and Usage Clarified behavior of auto-generated runs for greyboxes.
Global Clocking Rules Updated DFX behavior for different categories of clock nets.
Avoid Disjoint Pblocks Whenever Possible for UltraScale and UltraScale+ Devices Added information on hd_visual scripts.
BLI Floorplan Alignment Updated example and added special considerations for XPIO usage.
Floorplanning Design Rule Checks Added section.
Known Restrictions for Clocking in Versal Device DFX Designs Added information on clocking instances that might be prohibited due to expanded routing footprints.
Network on Chip Added information on NoC instances within reconfigurable modules (RMs).
Static Routing Across SLR Boundaries Updated example.
Adding Debug Cores for Versal Devices Added section.
Range Only the Required Physical Sites within HSR Pblock Rectangles for Designs with Two RPs Added new section.
Avoid Disjoint Pblocks Whenever Possible for Versal Devices Added section.
Using Vivado Debug Cores Added IP integrator Tcl commands.
Programming Image Compression Updated syntax for disabling compression.
NoC Clock Gating Issue Updated with information on Power Design Manager.
Supported Devices Added devices.
HIDDEN - Floorplanning DRC Examples Added appendix.