Using Incremental Compile in Non-Project Mode - 2023.2 English

Vivado Design Suite User Guide: Programming and Debugging (UG908)

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2023.2 English

To specify a design checkpoint file (DCP) to use as the reference design, and to run incremental place in Non-Project Mode:

  1. Load the current design.
  2. Run debug core commands.
  3. Run opt_design.
    Important: Make sure the opt_design options and directives match those used in the original reference run as closely as possible.
  4. Run read_checkpoint -incremental <reference_dcp_file>.
  5. Run place_design.
  6. Run route_design.
    # to load the current design
    #Create the debug core
    create_debug_core u_ila_0 ila
    #set debug core properties
    set_property C_DATA_DEPTH 1024 [get_debug_cores u_ila_0]
    set_property C_TRIGIN_EN false [get_debug_cores u_ila_0]
    set_property C_TRIGOUT_EN false [get_debug_cores u_ila_0]
    set_property C_ADV_TRIGGER false [get_debug_cores u_ila_0]
    set_property C_INPUT_PIPE_STAGES 0 [get_debug_cores u_ila_0]
    set_property C_EN_STRG_QUAL false [get_debug_cores u_ila_0]
    set_property ALL_PROBE_SAME_MU true [get_debug_cores u_ila_0]
    set_property ALL_PROBE_SAME_MU_CNT 1 [get_debug_cores u_ila_0]
    #connect the probe ports in the debug core to the signals being probed in the design
    set_property port_width 1 [get_debug_ports u_ila_0/clk]
    connect_debug_port u_ila_0/clk [get_nets [list clk ]]
    set_property port_width 1 [get_debug_ports u_ila_0/probe0]
    connect_debug_port u_ila_0/probe0 [get_nets [list A_or_B]]
    create_debug_port u_ila_0 probe 
    read_checkpoint -incremental <reference_dcp_file>
    Important: You must open the synthesized checkpoint to modify the debug cores in the design. Insertion of debug cores by opening a post-routed checkpoint is not supported.