Multi Chain SVF Operation with Configuration Memory Attached to Second Device in Chain - 2023.2 English

Vivado Design Suite User Guide: Programming and Debugging (UG908)

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2023.2 English

In this example, to access the ku11 device, a SMASK value of 0011 1111 (0x3f) is used with the HIR and HDR instructions. To access the first device in the chain, the mask value is pushed first followed by an SIR and SDR instructions. SIR and SDR instructions combine HIR, HDR, TIR, and TDR information.

Now consider four devices, xcku11, xcku9, xcku11, and xcku9, are connected in a chain. A configuration memory is attached to the second device in the chain (xcku9) and if you want to access it, both the HIR and TIR instructions are used in this case:

Figure 1. Multi-Chain-SVF- Operation- Example-Second Device in Chain

HIR 12 TDI (0fff) SMASK (0fff) ;
TIR 6 TDI (3f) SMASK (3f) ;
HDR 2 TDI (00) SMASK (03) ;
TDR 1 TDI (00) SMASK (01) ;
// config/idcode
SIR 6 TDI (09) ;
SDR 32 TDI (00000000) TDO (0484a093) MASK (0fffffff) ;
// config/jprog
SIR 6 TDI (0b) ;
SIR 6 TDI (14) ;
// Modify the below delay for config_init operation (0.100000 sec typical, 0.100000 
sec maximum)
RUNTEST 0.100000 SEC;
// config/jprog/poll
SIR 6 TDI (14) TDO (11) MASK (31) ;
// config/slr
SIR 6 TDI (05) ;