Debug Core Insertion in Non-Project Mode - 2023.2 English

Vivado Design Suite User Guide: Programming and Debugging (UG908)

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2023.2 English

Debug cores can be inserted in either Project Mode or Non-Project Mode. The following sample Tcl script shows how to create the debug core, set debug core attributes, and connect the debug core probes to the signals in the design being probed. In Non-Project Mode, the insertion of the debug core needs to happen after synthesizing the design, and prior to the opt_design step as follows:

Important: Debug core insertion is only supported for ILA cores.

The following Tcl script is an example of using the debug core insertion commands in a Non-Project flow.

#read relevant design source files
read_vhdl [glob ./*.vhdl] 
read_verilog [ glob ./Sources/*.v ]
read_xdc ./target.xdc
#Synthesize Design
synth_design -top top -part xc7k325tffg900-2 
#Create the debug core 
create_debug_core u_ila_0 ila
#set debug core properties
set_property C_DATA_DEPTH 1024 [get_debug_cores u_ila_0]
set_property C_TRIGIN_EN false [get_debug_cores u_ila_0]
set_property C_TRIGOUT_EN false [get_debug_cores u_ila_0]
set_property C_ADV_TRIGGER false [get_debug_cores u_ila_0]
set_property C_INPUT_PIPE_STAGES 0 [get_debug_cores u_ila_0]
set_property C_EN_STRG_QUAL false [get_debug_cores u_ila_0]
set_property ALL_PROBE_SAME_MU true [get_debug_cores u_ila_0]
set_property ALL_PROBE_SAME_MU_CNT 1 [get_debug_cores u_ila_0]
#connect the probe ports in the debug core to the signals being probed in the design
set_property port_width 1 [get_debug_ports u_ila_0/clk]
connect_debug_port u_ila_0/clk [get_nets [list clk ]]
set_property port_width 1 [get_debug_ports u_ila_0/probe0]
connect_debug_port u_ila_0/probe0 [get_nets [list A_or_B]]
create_debug_port u_ila_0 probe
#Optionally, create more probe ports, set their width, 
#  and connect them to the nets you want to debug
#Implement design
report_drc -file ./placed_drc_rpt.txt
report_timing_summary -file ./placed_timing_rpt.txt
report_drc -file ./routed_drc_rpt.txt
report_timing_summary -file ./routed_timing_rpt.txt