Access Enumeration - 2023.2 English

Vivado Design Suite User Guide: Programming and Debugging (UG908)

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2023.2 English

Enumerations are stored as hw_probe properties, so set_property, get_property, and report_property commands can be used on these properties.

The enumeration properties have a prefix ENUM, which needs to be used when using it with set_property and get_property commands. See the following example.

get_property ENUM.FIFTEEN  -of_objects [get_hw_ilas -of_objects [get_hw_devices 
xc7k325t_0] -filter {CELL_NAME=~"i_fast_ila"}]]
report_property [get_hw_probes fast_vio_slice5_fb -of_objects [get_hw_ilas 
hw_ila_1]] ENUM*
Property      Type  Read-only Visible Value
ENUM.FIFTEEN    string true    true   eq5'u15
ENUM.FOURTEEN    string true    true   eq5'u14
ENUM.SEVENTEEN   string true    true   eq5'u17
ENUM.SIXTEEN    string true    true   eq5'u16
ENUM.THIRTEEN    string true    true   eq5'u13
ENUM.TWELVE     string true    true   eq5'u12
ENUM.ZERO      string true    true   eq5'h00
set_property ENUM.FIFTEEN eq5'h0F [get_hw_probes fast_vio_slice5_fb -of_objects 
[get_hw_ilas hw_ila_1]]