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Vivado Design Suite User Guide: Design Analysis and Closure Techniques (UG906)

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2023.2 English

In project mode, after suggestions are written to an RQS file, the file is automatically added to the utility sources fileset in the project (utils_1). Store this file somewhere other than in the run directory, because it will be deleted when the run is reset. It should be in a unique directory per run to allow multiple runs to have their own suggestion file. The recommended location is: <project_dir>/<project>.srcs/utils_1/<run_name>.

When you are in a project, right-click on a run from the Design Runs window and select Set QoR Suggestions. It might be required to add this to both synthesis and implementation runs.

Figure 1. Set QoR Suggestions Window

Select Enable Suggestions. This allows you to select a suggestion file, the automatic run, or a combination of both. Selected suggestion files are added to the utils_1 fileset if they are not added already.

The equivalent Tcl commands for this flow are shown in the following code snippet:

write_qor_suggestions -of_objects [get_qor_suggestions \
{<NAME_1> <NAME_2>}] -file <fn.rqs>
add_files -fileset utils_1 <fn>.rqs
set_property RQS_FILES <fn>.rqs [get_runs <run name>]