Project Application of Strategy Suggestions - 2023.2 English

Vivado Design Suite User Guide: Design Analysis and Closure Techniques (UG906)

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2023.2 English

In project mode, the process of generating and applying suggestions is captured in the following steps:

  1. Generate QoR suggestion files containing strategies (and, optionally, other QoR suggestions).
  2. Create the new implementation runs, read the QoR suggestion file, and set the directives to RQS.

There are various ways integrated into the IDE that accomplish step 1. They each differ based on the flow used and the other QoR suggestions that are added to the RQS file. The following table describes how each feature works and its impact on non-strategy QoR suggestions.

Table 1. Procedures to Generate ML Strategies
Flow RQS File Creation Other QoR Suggestions
Standard implementation run Right-click in the Design Runs window.

APPLIED suggestions are added by default.

Newly generated AUTO suggestions are added optionally.

With auto RQS enabled Automatic.

APPLIED suggestions are added by default.

New AUTO suggestions are added by default.

Report QoR suggestions from an open design Strategies are written automatically containing selected suggestions during the writing of suggestions. Individually selected by the user.
Intelligent design runs Automatic

Includes APPLIED suggestions from stage 1 IDR.

Equivalent to stage 2 runs.

Report QoR suggestions in post-route Tcl hook Manual

Individually selectable by the user. Use -strategy_dir ./MLStrategy.

Each of these options leads to a single way to create and set up the runs in step 2. In each of these items, an MLStrategy directory is created in the run directory. It contains three RQS files. When these files are seen, the create_rqs_runs option is enabled in the Design Runs right-click menu.

When run, this option automatically creates three new implementation runs and links them with the reference run. Only three ML strategies are allowed per reference. If you want to recreate them, delete them first and then rerun. Minor design changes should not require regeneration of the strategies.

The equivalent Tcl command to create new ML strategy runs from an implementation run impl_1 is as follows:

create_rqs_runs -reference_run [get_runs impl_1]