Maximum Congestion Reports - 2023.2 English

Vivado Design Suite User Guide: Design Analysis and Closure Techniques (UG906)

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2023.2 English

These tables report all the windows with the same maximum congestion level seen in a particular direction. The columns are defined as follows:

  • Direction: The direction of the congested routing resources (North, South, West, or East).
  • Congestion Level: The maximum congestion level in CLB tiles.
  • Congestion: Indicates the estimated routing resource utilization in the defined window. This value can be greater than 100%.
  • Congestion Window: Indicates the bounding CLB tiles where the congestion for the identified Direction is present. The CLB coordinates correspond to the lower left and upper right corners of the window.
    Tip: The Congestion Window column is only available in the text report. In the GUI report, you can select the congestion window, which highlights the congested area in the Device window.
  • Cell Names: Indicates the parent instance that contains the hierarchical cells involved in the Congestion Window, up to the three largest contributors along with their contribution percentage.
    Tip: In the GUI report, you can select the hyperlinked cell names to highlight the respective leaf cells in the congestion window.
  • Avg LUT Input: This is the average LUT inputs of the LUTs in the Window.
  • COMBINED LUTs %: Indicates the percentage of LUTs combined in the window.
  • LUT usage %: The percentage of LUT utilization in the Window.
  • LUTRAM usage %: The percentage of LUTRAM utilization in the Window.
  • Flop usage %: The percentage of FD (including LD) utilization in the Window.
  • MUX usage %: The percentage of MUXF utilization in the Window.
  • RAMB usage %: The percentage of RAMB utilization in the Window.
  • URAM usage %: The percentage of URAM utilization in the Window.
  • DSP usage %: The percentage of DSP utilization in the Window.
  • CARRY usage %: The percentage of CARRY utilization in the Window.
  • SRL usage %: The percentage of SRL utilization in the Window.