Flow Control within Intelligent Design Runs Window - 2023.2 English

Vivado Design Suite User Guide: Design Analysis and Closure Techniques (UG906)

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2023.2 English
The Intelligent Design Runs window, shown in the following figure, provides two functions:
  • A context-sensitive right-click menu to access flow control and design analysis options
  • Access to metrics such as WNS, TNS, WHS, and THS for the top-level and sub-level IDR runs
Figure 1. Intelligent Design Runs Tab

The metrics represent the best run metrics for that stage of the IDR. They are updated regularly throughout the flow.

The right-click menu is context sensitive, targeting the flow stage that is selected. Right-clicking at the top level gives the following options (which are a superset of right-clicking on any of the lower stages):

Figure 2. Flow Control and Design Analysis Options Menu

The menu options are described below.

Implementation Run Properties
Opens the run properties for the IDR run. This is reduced from a normal run.
Deletes the run.
Note: Only one IDR run can be created from any given implementation run. To create a second run, the first must be deleted beforehand, or a second implementation run should be created and an IDR created from that.
Launch Runs
Launches the runs.
Reset Runs
Resets the IDR and deletes all files.
Terminate Run
Terminates the selected run but does not delete the files in the run directory. This option is only available when a run is in progress.
Generate Bitstream
Launches the run through to bitstream generation if the run has not started. If the IDR is complete but a bitstream is not generated, the option generates a bitstream from the best run routed checkpoint of the completed IDR. This option is unavailable while a run is in progress.
View Reports
Opens the Intelligent Design Runs Reports window.
Open Run Directory
Opens the run directory. Intermediate checkpoints and text reports can be accessed using this option.
Open Run
Opens the selected run or the best run from the selected stage for design analysis. Only available on routed checkpoints.
Create ML Strategy Runs
This option becomes available after the completion of stage 1 when a design still has a timing failure. ML strategies are automatically created and ready to use along with any APPLIED QoR suggestions. Selecting this option creates three runs that are equivalent to running stage 2. In cases where the design is changing, this option is preferred to using a single pass run that contains Last Mile, because it can better handle larger changes.
Generate Single Pass Implementation Run
Creates a standard implementation run that sets up the RQS file and incremental checkpoints (if required) to create the same result achieved in IDR. This option is only available on a successfully completed IDR.