Vivado Simulator Elaboration Options - 2023.2 English

Vivado Design Suite User Guide: Logic Simulation (UG900)

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2023.2 English
Table 1. Vivado Simulator Elaboration Options
Option Description
xsim.elaborate.snapshot Specifies the simulation snapshot name
xsim.elaborate.debug_level Choose simulation debug visibility level. By default, it is typical
xsim.elaborate.relax Relax strict HDL Language checking rules
xsim.elaborate.mt_level Specify the number of sub-compilation jobs to run in parallel
xsim.elaborate.load_glbl Load GLBL module
xsim.elaborate.rangecheck Enables runtime value range check for VHDL
xsim.elaborate.sdf_delay Specifies sdf timing delay type to be read for use in timing simulation
xsim.elaborate.xelab.more_options More XELAB elaboration options
xsim.elaborate.xsc.more_options More options for XSC during elaboration Specify coverage database name
xsim.elaborate.coverage.dir Specify coverage database directory name
xsim.elaborate.coverage.type Specify coverage type(s) (line branch condition or all)
xsim.elaborate.coverage.library Track std/unisims/retarget libraries
xsim.elaborate.coverage.celldefine Track modules with celldefine attributes Specify SystemC library to bind Specify C/C++ library to bind