Simulation Toolbar - 2023.2 English

Vivado Design Suite User Guide: Logic Simulation (UG900)

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2023.2 English

When you run the Vivado simulator, the simulation-specific toolbar (shown in the following figure) opens to the right of the main toolbar.

Figure 1. Simulation Toolbar

These are the same buttons labeled in Run Menu above (without the Delete All Breakpoints option), and they are provided for ease of use.

Simulation Toolbar Button Descriptions

Hover over the toolbar buttons for tool-tip descriptions.

  • Restart: Resets the simulation time to zero.
  • Run all: Runs the simulation until it completes all events or until an HDL statement indicates that the simulation should stop.
  • Run For: Runs for a specified period of time.
  • Step: Runs the simulation until the next HDL statement.
  • Break: Pauses the current simulation.
  • Relaunch: Recompiles the simulation sources and restarts the simulation (after making code changes, for example).