Finding Protocol Instances in the Objects Window - 2023.2 English

Vivado Design Suite User Guide: Logic Simulation (UG900)

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2023.2 English

Protocol instance objects appear in the Objects window in the scope containing the corresponding AXI interface signals. Perform the following steps to find a protocol instance using the Scope window:

  1. In the Scope window, select the scope containing AXI interface signals.
    Note: The scope hierarchy roughly matches your block design.
  2. Locate the protocol instance for an AXI interface of a block in your block design. Select the scope name that matches the instance name of your block.

Perform the following steps to find a protocol instance using the Objects window:

  1. In the Objects window, scroll to the bottom of the list.
  2. Locate the protocol instance name that matches the port name of the AXI interface in your block design. AXI port names usually end with _AXI and are frequently M_AXI or S_AXI.
    Tip: Protocol instances have a port mode of Internal Signal. To facilitate searching for protocol instances in the Objects window, you can hide all objects except the Internal Signal object. Click the gear icon, deselect the Select All check box, and select the Internal Signal check box. To restore the Objects window, select the Select All check box.