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Vivado Design Suite User Guide: Logic Simulation (UG900)

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2023.2 English

An AMD Vivado™ project Tcl object supports a few properties that allow you to supply default settings for cleaned-up or newly created simulations. These simulations do not already have a settings file. The following list shows the default settings properties of the project:


You can view the current values of the properties with the report_property [current_project] Tcl command and set the values of the properties with the set_property <property name> <property value> [current_project] Tcl command. For example, to set the array display limit to 16, use the following command.

set_property xsim.array_display_limit 16 [current_project]

When you launch the new or cleaned-up simulation, the simulation Tcl object inherits your project properties. You can verify it with the following Tcl command:

report_property [current_sim]
Important: The project properties apply only to cleaned-up or newly created simulations. After you have run a simulation of a particular run type and sim set such as sim_1/behav, that simulation retains a separate copy of the settings for all subsequent launches. The changes to the project properties can no longer take effect for that simulation. The project properties take effect again only if the simulation is cleaned up or the settings file is deleted.