Changing the Radix on Individual Objects - 2023.2 English

Vivado Design Suite User Guide: Logic Simulation (UG900)

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2023.2 English

To change the radix of a wave object in the Wave window:

  1. Right-click the wave object name.
  2. Select Radix and the format you want from the drop-down menu:
    • Default
    • Binary
    • Hexadecimal
    • Octal
    • ASCII
    • Unsigned Decimal
    • Signed Decimal
    • Signed Magnitude
    • Real

    Note: For a description of the usage for Real and Real Settings, see Using Analog Waveforms.
  3. From the Tcl Console, to change the numerical format of the displayed values, type the following Tcl command:
    set_property radix <radix> <hdl_object> 

    Where <radix> is one the following: bin, unsigned, hex, dec, ascii, or oct and where <wave_object> is an object returned by the add_wave command.

    Tip: If you change the radix in the Wave window, it is not reflected in the Objects window.