Understanding IP States Within a Project - 2023.2 English

Vivado Design Suite User Guide: Designing with IP (UG896)

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2023.2 English

There are several states that an IP can display within in a project, depending on the current version in the catalog and if you have generated output products.

Important: For imported IP cores with versions that are not accessible from the Vivado IP catalog, re-customizing, re-setting, and re-generating the IP is not enabled.

When you add existing IP (either in the XCI or XCO form), if present, the output products (such as HDL files) are also added.

The following table shows the buttons that represent the states of the Vivado IDE IP.

Table 1. IP States in a Project
Button Description
IP in an RTL project to be synthesized OOC. See Out-of-Context Flow.
Customized IP which is in the IP catalog that is to be synthesized with the project (global synthesis). See Global Synthesis Flow.
Unmanaged IP. The user has changed the IS_MANAGED property of the IP to be false and has taken responsibility for the management of the IP. The IP becomes locked also. The purpose is for the user to make modifications to unencrypted HDL sources or constraints. See Editing or Overriding IP Sources.
Locked IP that have output products can be used in the flow, but cannot be recustomized or regenerated. Locked IP with no output products are not usable in the flow. To use this locked IP with no output products, either provide the original output products or upgrade to the latest version. See Determining Why IP is Locked for more information.