Manually Generating Output Products - 2023.2 English

Vivado Design Suite User Guide: Designing with IP (UG896)

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2023.2 English

At any point you can manually generate output products by selecting the IP from IP Sources, right-clicking and selecting Generate Output Products.

The default flow when generating output products is to create and launch an out-of-context (OOC) synthesis design run for the IP. This results in the inference of a black box for the IP when synthesizing the top-level of the design.

Important: The implementation stage resolves black boxes by extracting the netlists from the DCP of the IP.
Note: If you do not want to generate an OOC DCP file for an IP, or if you want to use a scripted flow, you can set the GENERATE_SYNTH_CHECKPOINT property to FALSE, and the checkpoint is not created when the output products are generated.

Tcl Command to Disable OOC Options on IP

set_property GENERATE_SYNTH_CHECKPOINT FALSE [get_ips <ip_name>] 

AMD recommends that you use the default OOC to reduce the run time on synthesizing your design. When using the OOC flow, you do not need to synthesize the IP every time you run synthesis during development.