Running Reports: DRC, Power, Utilization Analysis - 2023.2 English

Vivado Design Suite User Guide: Design Flows Overview (UG892)

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2023.2 English

The Vivado IDE provides a graphical way to configure and view power, utilization, and DRC analysis results. The report_power command lets you experiment with power parameters and quickly estimate power at any stage of the design. The report_utilization command lets you analyze the utilization statistics of various types of device resources. The report_design_analysis command lets you analyze critical path characteristics and the complexity of the design to help identify and analyze problem areas that are prone to routing congestion and timing closure issues. The report_drc command let you configure and run a comprehensive set of DRCs to identify problems that must be solved prior to generating the bitstream for the design.

In the Vivado IDE, report results are provided with links to select problem areas or offending objects. In addition, many reports can write an RPX file to save the report results in an interactive report file that can be reloaded into memory, with links to design objects. Reloading the report reconnects the object links so that cross-selection between the report in the Vivado IDE and the design is enabled. For more information, see the Vivado Design Suite User Guide: Design Analysis and Closure Techniques (UG906), or refer to the report_xxx commands in the Vivado Design Suite Tcl Command Reference Guide (UG835).

Report strategies enable you to define groups of reports and associate all the reports with a particular run. Report strategies can be created by using ToolsSettingsStrategiesReport Strategies. Individual reports can be specified for each step of a run. Report strategy is a property of a run. Setting report strategy on the run generates all specified reports when the run is launched.