RTL Project Tcl Script - 2023.2 English

Vivado Design Suite User Guide: Design Flows Overview (UG892)

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2023.2 English
# run_bft_kintex7_project.tcl
# BFT sample design 
# NOTE: Typical usage would be "vivado -mode tcl -source run_bft_kintex7_project.tcl" 
# To use -mode batch comment out the "start_gui" and "open_run impl_1" to save time
create_project project_bft ./Tutorial_Created_Data/project_bft -part xc7k70tfbg484-2
add_files {./Sources/hdl/FifoBuffer.v ./Sources/hdl/async_fifo.v ./Sources/hdl/bft.vhdl}
add_files -fileset sim_1 ./Sources/hdl/bft_tb.v
add_files ./Sources/hdl/bftLib
set_property library bftLib [get_files  {./Sources/hdl/bftLib/round_4.vhdl \
./Sources/hdl/bftLib/round_3.vhdl ./Sources/hdl/bftLib/round_2.vhdl ./Sources/hdl/bftLib/round_1.vhdl \
./Sources/hdl/bftLib/core_transform.vhdl ./Sources/hdl/bftLib/bft_package.vhdl}]
import_files -force
import_files -fileset constrs_1 -force -norecurse ./Sources/bft_full_kintex7.xdc
# Mimic GUI behavior of automatically setting top and file compile order
update_compile_order -fileset sources_1
update_compile_order -fileset sim_1
# Launch Synthesis
launch_runs synth_1
wait_on_run synth_1
open_run synth_1 -name netlist_1
# Generate a timing and power reports and write to disk
report_timing_summary -delay_type max -report_unconstrained -check_timing_verbose \
-max_paths 10 -input_pins -file ./Tutorial_Created_Data/project_bft/syn_timing.rpt
report_power -file ./Tutorial_Created_Data/project_bft/syn_power.rpt
# Launch Implementation
launch_runs impl_1 -to_step write_bitstream
wait_on_run impl_1 
# Generate a timing and power reports and write to disk
# comment out the open_run for batch mode
open_run impl_1
report_timing_summary -delay_type min_max -report_unconstrained -check_timing_verbose \
-max_paths 10 -input_pins -file ./Tutorial_Created_Data/project_bft/imp_timing.rpt
report_power -file ./Tutorial_Created_Data/project_bft/imp_power.rpt
# comment out the for batch mode