Generating a Script to Recreate a Design - 2023.2 English

Vivado Design Suite User Guide: Design Flows Overview (UG892)

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2023.2 English

For a project flow, a script to recreate your design can be generated manually or by using the write_project_tcl command. The advantages of manually creating the script, is that it remains short and well organized. The drawback is that you could easily miss a project setting and fail to faithfully recreate the original design. Any settings modified when the design is open using either the GUI or the Tcl console must be reflected back to the script or there is a risk the design is identical to the original project. Alternatively, the write_project_tcl script is robust in ensuring all files are captured appropriately. Its versatility results in a more complicated and more verbose script. Regardless of how this script is generated, it must be maintained as the design evolves

Note: write_project_tcl recreates the design as originally created by the user. For designs using IP integrator, propagated parameters do not reflect in the recreated design until validate_bd_design is re-run.

Write_project_tcl provides two options to preserve block diagrams contained in the project. The default option is to recreate the BD from Tcl. In this case, write_project_tcl calls write_bd_tcl for each BD in the project. The resulting write_project_tcl script contains the Tcl commands necessary to recreate each BD in the project. Alternatively, the BDs can be included directly as a project source. In this case, the resulting Tcl script adds each BD file, from the original project, directly to the project it recreates. If manually creating this project script, a similar approach can be taken.