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Vivado Design Suite User Guide: Design Flows Overview (UG892)

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2023.2 English

The Vivado IP catalog (shown in the following figure) lets you browse the available IP for the target device in the current project. The catalog shows version and licensing information about each IP and provides the applicable data sheet.

The Vivado IP catalog displays either Included or Purchase under the License column in the IP catalog. The following definitions apply to IP offered by AMD:

The AMD End User License Agreement includes AMD LogiCORE™ IP cores that are licensed within the AMD Vivado Design Suite software tools at no additional charge.
The Core License Agreement applies to fee-based AMD LogiCORE IP, and the Core Evaluation License Agreement applies to the evaluation of fee-based AMD IP.
Figure 1. Vivado IP Catalog

This license status information is available for IP cores used in a project using Report IP Status by selecting Reports > Report IP Status. For additional information on how to obtain IP licenses, see

AMD and its partners provide additional IP cores that are not shipped as part of the default Vivado IP Catalog. For more information on the available IP, see the Intellectual Property page on the AMD website.

You can double-click any IP to launch the Configuration wizard to instantiate an IP into your design. After configuring the IP, a Xilinx core instance (.xci) file is created. This file contains all the customization options for the IP. From this file the tool can generate all output products for the IP. These output products consist of HDL for synthesis and simulation, constraints, possibly a test bench, C modules, example designs, etc. The tool creates these files based upon the customization options used.