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Vivado Design Suite Tcl Command Reference Guide (UG835)

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2023.2 English

Copy an existing IP


copy_ip ‑name <arg> [‑dir <arg>] [‑quiet] [‑verbose] <objects>...


IP file object that was added to the project.


Name Description
-name Name of copied IP
[-dir] Directory path for remote IP to be created and managed outside the project
[-quiet] Ignore command errors
[-verbose] Suspend message limits during command execution
<objects> IP to be copied


Project, IPFlow


Create a copy of an IP core that has been previously instanced into the current project.


-name <arg> - (Required) Specify the name of the new IP to be created.

-dir <arg> - (Optional) The path to a directory outside of the local project to store the newly created IP. The specified directory must already exist, or the command will return an error.

Note: If a directory is not specified, the new IP will be added to the local project directory structure at <project_name>.srcs/sources_1/ip.
-quiet - (Optional) Execute the command quietly, returning no messages from the command. The command also returns TCL_OK regardless of any errors encountered during execution.
Note: Any errors encountered on the command-line, while launching the command, will be returned. Only errors occurring inside the command will be trapped.
-verbose - (Optional) Temporarily override any message limits and return all messages from this command.
Note: Message limits can be defined with the set_msg_config command.

<object> - (Required) The IP object to copy. The copy_ip command can only be used to copy a single IP core at one time. The IP must be specified as an IP object returned by the get_ips command, and not simply referenced by name.


The following example create a copy of the FIFO core previously instanced into the current project and writes it to the specified directory:

copy_ip -name newFIFO -dir C:/Data/new_IP [get_ips oldFIFO]