Object Properties - 2023.2 English

Vivado Design Suite Tcl Command Reference Guide (UG835)

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2023.2 English
Objects have properties that can be queried. Property names are unique for any given object type. To query a specific property for an object, the following command is provided:
  • get_property <property_name> <object>
For example, the lib_cell property on cell objects tells you what UniSim component a given instance is mapped to:
  • get_property lib_cell [get_cell inst_1]
To discover all of the available properties for a given object type, use the report_property command:
  • report_property [get_cells inst_1]
Table 1. Properties Returned by Object
Key Value Type
bel OLOGICE1.OUTFF string
class cell string
iob TRUE string
is_blackbox 0 bool
is_fixed 0 bool
is_partition 0 bool
is_primitive 1 bool
is_reconfigurable 0 bool
is_sequential 1 bool
lib_cell FD string
loc OLOGIC_X1Y27 string
name error string
primitive_group FD_LD string
primitive_subgroup flop string
site OLOGIC_X1Y27 string
type FD & LD string
XSTLIB 1 bool
Some properties are read-only and some are user-settable. Properties that map to attributes that can be annotated in UCF or in HDL are generally user-settable through Tcl with the set_property command:
  • set_property loc OLOGIC_X1Y27 [get_cell inst_1]