Power Rail Consolidation - 2023.2 English

Power Design Manager User Guide (UG1556)

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2023.2 English

PDM performs power rail consolidation based on selected power delivery solution. PDM supports following two options for power delivery solution.

Full Power Management

This is the recommended solution. It allows for full power management, which means that an individual rail can be sequenced on and off as required to reduce power.

Minimum Power Rails

This mode allows to consolidate power supply while maintaining the required sequence and voltage specification for every rail.

Figure 1. Power Rail Consolidation

Based on the power rail consolidation selection, the following images change to show the connectivity based on the targeted device. Additional information on the power rail consolidation is provided in the following image.

Figure 2. Power Supply Design for Rail Consolidation
Figure 3. Power Delivery and Sequencing for Rail Consolidation