MRMAC - 2023.2 English

Power Design Manager User Guide (UG1556)

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2023.2 English

The AMD Versal adaptive SoC Integrated 100G Multirate Ethernet MAC (MRMAC) is a high performance, low latency, adaptable ethernet integrated hard IP, targeting numerous customer networking applications. You can configure the block for up to four ports with independent MAC and PHY functions at the IEEE Standard MAC rates from 10GE to 100GE. The following modes can be configured:

  • 1x100GE
  • 2x50GE
  • 1x40GE
  • 4x25GE
  • 4x10GE

The following image shows layout of MRMAC wizard. GT configuration is highlighted in different colors to explain GT linking. All the other Hard Blocks have the same layout for GT linking only. Line Rates and number of GTs are decided by required bandwidth.

Figure 1. MRMAC Wizard

Figure 2. MRMAC