MIG Wizard - 2023.2 English

Power Design Manager User Guide (UG1556)

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2023.2 English

The Memory Interface Generator (MIG) wizard lets you create the IPs for the I/Os involved in the interface between an AMD device and the external memory. It provides a simplified method of filling in memory interface resources in the PDM tool. When a memory interface is configured using the wizard, the associated programmable logic, clock and I/O's are added in the respective sections. Resources are added representing typical usage to implement the physical controller and user interface layer. MIG wizard is located in the IO page of the PDM tool.

The MIG wizard does not support all memory interface standards or all interface parameters for the supported standards. The wizard covers many of the common Memory Interface Standards. For a specific standard there could be more pins associated than configured by the wizard. In these cases, you might need to modify the output of the wizard or enter the extra pins manually in the I/O page for your specific case. Also, if a selection is not available for a specific field, you might be able to manually override the selections in the field. For better accuracy, create an IP in AMD Vivado™ and generate resource information, and populate in PDM tool.

MIG wizard is supported for UltraScale+ and Versal architectures and details of each architecture is added in the corresponding section.