Hard IP Blocks - 2023.2 English

Power Design Manager User Guide (UG1556)

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2023.2 English

In AMD Versalâ„¢ adaptive SoC, various Hard IP Blockss are available. Most of these require interface to the GTs for I/O connectivity. You can configure the Hard IPs from the Hard IP Blocks page. Hard IP generation is facilitated through a wizard, for all the Hard IPs. The PDM Hard IP wizard generates GT's (GTY, GTYP & GTM) with required link speed used in Hard Blocks and populates them in the corresponding page. Type and link speed of GT can be selected in the drop-down list of each wizard. Based on the link speed of the GT's and total bandwidth used for the Hard IP instance, PDM computes the number of GTs required automatically.

Editing and deleting IPs are also wizard based, that is, the configuration cannot be overwritten manually on individual cell. Select the Manage IP section to edit the IP configurations in the Summary page. You need to select the IP type and module name which is intended to modify and make changes accordingly.

Figure 1. Hard Block