Advanced GUI Features - 2023.2 English

Power Design Manager User Guide (UG1556)

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2023.2 English

There are new advance GUI features introduced in PDM, which enhances user experience with the tool and significantly reduce edit and configuration duplication efforts. These features are intuitively designed for ease of use enabling you to focus more on power numbers and configurations rather than the intricacies of tool usage.

There are multiple methods that enable you to select the multiple table rows in any order that you prefer.
  • Consecutive Row selection: You can use both mouse and keyboard to select any number of consecutive rows.

    While using the keyboard use following steps :

    • Select any cell using mouse or (Right Arrow)/ Tab key to select a cell.
    • Use Shift + ↑/↓ to select continuous rows in either direction, after selecting a row.

    Mouse can also be used for the same operation. Select any row and then drag vertically in any direction with the left mouse key clicked.

  • Multiple Random Row Selection: Multiple non-consecutive row selection method is also available in PDM. Select any row at first, then press and hold Ctrl key and select any row with a simple mouse click.

    The following options can be found by right click on the table or Edit menu at the top.

While using Copy, the selections are copied to the clipboard. The copied selection can be pasted at any location of the table. Copies rows can also be pasted in a text/MS word or any other external document in the comma delimited format.
Fill Down
For selected columns "Fill down" will copy the contents of top row to all the subsequent selected columns.
This feature duplicates all the selected rows in the next rows. This feature can duplicate multiple configurations, where as Fill Down only copies the top rows selected. Even if the next rows are not empty, the Duplicate feature inserts new rows in between.
Inserts a blank row at the selected position and shifts the existing rows. Only one row can be inserted at a time. Multiple selections do not work with this feature.
Clear option either removes or resets all the user configured values. If there is no default configuration, the row contents are changed to blank, else it resets to the default configurations.
Delete removes the entire selected row/rows . The subsequent rows move up in the table.