svf config - 2023.2 English

Vitis Unified Software Platform Documentation: Embedded Software Development (UG1400)

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2023.2 English

Configure options for SVF file.


svf config [options]

Configure and generate SVF file.


Option Description
-scan-chain <list of idcode-irlength pairs> List of idcode-irlength pairs. This can be obtained from xsdb command - jtag targets
-device-index <index> This is used to select device in the jtag scan chain.
-cpu-index <processor core> Specify the cpu-index to generate the SVF file. For A53#0 - A53#3 on ZynqMP, use cpu-index 0 -3 For R5#0 - R5#1 on ZynqMP, use cpu-index 4 -5 For A9#0 - A9#1 on Zynq, use cpu-index 0 -1 If multiple MicroBlaze processors are connected to MDM, select the specific MicroBlaze index for execution.
-out <filename> Output SVF file.
-delay <tcks> Delay in ticks between AP writes.
-linkdap Generate SVF for linking DAP to the jtag chain for ZynqMP Silicon versions 2.0 and above.
-bscan <user port> This is used to specify user bscan port to which MDM is connected.
-mb-chunksize <size in bytes> This option is used to specify the chunk size in bytes for each transaction while downloading. Supported only for MicroBlaze processors.
-exec-mode Execution mode for Arm v8 cores. Supported modes are a32 (v8 core is set up in 32-bit mode) and a64 (v8 core is set up in 64-bit mode).




svf config -scan-chain {0x14738093 12 0x5ba00477 4} -device-index 1  -cpu-index 0 -out "test.svf"

This creates a SVF file with name test.svf for core A53#0

svf config -scan-chain {0x14738093 12 0x5ba00477 4} -device-index 0  -bscan pmu -cpu-index 0 -out "test.svf"

This creates a SVF file with name test.svf for PMU MB

svf config -scan-chain {0x23651093 6} -device-index 0 -cpu-index 0  -bscan user1 -out "test.svf"

This creates a SVF file with name test.svf for MB connected to MDM on bscan USER1